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Introducing CELLAMENT — a cell-cultured serum rich in nourishing proteins and rejuvenating growth factors to revitalize skin at the cellular level.

What makes CELLAMENT unique is what makes it so effective. Utilizing innovative CulNet technology, we’ve harnessed the nutritional power of eggs to create a pioneering ingredient for the skincare industry.

At IntegriCulture, we're farming cells — not animals. Using revolutionary cell-culture technology, we’ve spearheaded the development of an ingredient derived from eggs but which surpasses them in both growth factors and proteins. It’s also a source of protective antioxidants like lutein and zeaxanthin that aid in skin recovery and protect from future sun damage.

After years of research on cell-cultured serum applications for cosmetics, we’ve finally perfected CELLAMENT, a groundbreaking bioactive solution for skin repair.

The Origins of CELLAMENT

A new kind of cell-culture technology

IntegriCulture’s CulNet system

enables affordable, large-scale

commercialization of cell-cultured

products for the first time in history.

Conventional animal farming is

resource-intensive and environmentally unsustainable, while standard cell-culture systems are expensive and difficult to scale.

In contrast, the CulNet system replicates the functionality of the body’s internal organs, producing growth factors that are continuously optimized for the cells they feed. This revolutionary approach opens the door for a new generation of animal products that are healthier, friendlier, more sustainable, and can be produced anywhere.

CELLAMENT is the first product of the CulNet system primed for scalable commercialization.


Eggs Are a Nutritional Powerhouse


As the body’s largest organ, skin requires good nutrition for optimal health, and few foods offer as complete a nutritional profile as eggs. They contain all the essential amino acids and are rich in fat-soluble vitamins necessary for healthy cell metabolism. 


By harvesting and cultivating egg cells, IntegriCulture makes egg nutrition even more potent and accessible through CELLAMENT — the ideal bioactive ingredient for products designed to repair and rejuvenate the skin.

(Japan Patent Application No.2018-210910)

Product Information


Safety Assessment

  1. 1.Human skin patch test 

  2. 3D skin primary irritation alternative test

  3. 3D eye irritation alternative test

  4. Skin sensitization alternative test (KeratinoSens™, h-CLAT)

  5. RIPT test (allergy test/cumulative irritation) 

  6. Phototoxicity test

  7. Allergen analysis 

  8. Virus test

  9. Chromosome Aberration

Notes: For the fifth, you can state "allergy tested" or "cumulative irritation tested".

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